My Doula Services

As a trained doula, holistic therapist and mom of two I have a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience that I can bring to the table, I also hold a CACHE level 3 qualification in childcare and I'm fully DBS checked so you can rest assured you and your family are in safe hands. 

I offer emotional and practical support as well as  encouragement to you and your family antenatally, during and post birth.

Whether this is your 1st baby or 10th, pregnancy and the postnatal period are just as important and should be just as special. 

Before hiring me as your Doula I will invite you to a consultation where we can get to know each other and discuss your needs in depth. This can take place in the comfort of your own home or virtually through Skype or ZOOM. 

Consultations are charged at £50.00 and are non refundable, this will be taken off your final bill if you decided to go forward with your booking. 


  • 6 antenatal prep sessions (1hr per session)
  • Access to helpful and educational resources
  • Antenatal appointment support
  • Unlimited communication via email, text, phone, WhatsApp
  • 2x 1.5 hour Pregnancy massage treatments
  • On call from 36 weeks
  • Birth support
  • Birth debrief
  • 25% discount on placenta remedies


  • 4 antenatal prep sessions (1hr per session)
  • Weekly virtual coffee dates via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Virtual birth support via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp
  • Birth debrief
  • 25% discount on placenta remedies


If you have decided at the very end of your pregnancy or even in the midst of early labour that you would like a doula to support you. Whether you're at home or in hospital, I will be able to step up and provide you with the encouragement and support that you need to feel empowered and cared for during your birth. You have the option to keep me on post birth for the first few hours of your baby's life earthside if you feel you require further assistance and/or support.

The terms and conditions of  my services must be electronically signed and the £350 fee must be paid prior to my attendance.



4 weeks of loving care and support on a mixture of weekdays and weekends subject to availability (16 hours per week for the first two weeks, 8 hours in week three and 4 hours in the fourth and final week. Additional support after the 4 week mark will be charged at £40 per hour)

 I am flexible in my approach and so the care you receive from me will be tailored to your specific wants and needs hence the ode to the delightful and versatile mix of sweet treats!

My job is to make yours easier, by taking on the running of the household, this will give you the precious time needed to bond with your new bundle(s) of joy. This is also your time to rest and be nurtured and cared for in accordance with your values, culture and ancestral traditions. 

Services that I offer include;

  • Birth debrief  - This is a chance for you and your partner to look back and reflect on your birth experience, how you felt, what worked and what didn't. You may feel like everything went they way it was supposed to but if you feel as though you didn't get the birth experience you wanted, talking through things can help you to acknowledge your valid feelings and move forward in strength and peace.


  • Emotional Support - I am your safe space, no judgements will be made I am here to listen to you and support you.


  • Access to top quality resources and information - If you require additional support from a specialist e.g. breastfeeding expert or tongue tie specialist, Or you'd like to be pointed in the direction of parent & baby groups, I can make recommendations and referrals.


  • Traditional post birth nourishment using your ancestral recipes - During our consultation I will get to know more about you and your family history. This will give me the opportunity to delve deeper into your family's postnatal traditions so that I can provide you with nourishment from the heart and soul of your ancestors. What I can not find or fix, i will reach out into the community for advice and tips so that your nourishment remains as authentic as possible.


  • Herbal baths for you and baby - Perfect for skin to skin, relax in a warm bath full of fragrant herbs that promote a soothing & relaxing atmosphere.


  • Massage therapy & Reflexology - Select a treatment of your choice and drift off into your happy place whilst I work your tensions away.


  • Yoni steaming - A carefully selected blend of natural herbs will be picked especially for you. Adding warm water to the herbs and sitting over the steam at a comfortable distance can Increases blood flow and circulation to the uterus and ovaries, helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, regulates hormones, clears uterine congestion and helps to support recovery after birth. Not to mention its ultra relaxing.


  • Baby massage - Helps to soothe your baby and aids better sleep, digestion and circulation.


  • Partner support - Supporting your partner, making them feel included and encouraging them so that they can confidently support you and your family in the way that you need. I'm also able to refer your partner to a wide variety of parent support groups specifically aimed for partners.


  • Wholesome and nutritious meals batch cooked for your fridge and freezer - Taking the stress out of preparing and cooking food. Simply reach into the fridge or freezer and place your lovingly prepared nutritious meals into the oven or microwave to reheat. Food allergies/intolerances, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, halal, kosher? No problem. We can discuss the menu together before any cooking takes place.


  • Family favourites dinner service -  3 course meals prepared by me in your kitchen and served to you at the dining table.


  • Basic chores -  hoovering, laundry, washing up, walking pets, food shopping, school & nursery drop off's and pick up.


  • Childcare of either newborns or older siblings - I can care for your baby whilst you have some much needed you time. Why not take a bath, sleep, watch a film, go out for a stroll or go on a mini date with your partner. If you have older children I can entertain them whilst you nap or bond with your new baby.


  • Overnight childcare - Sometimes a good nights sleep does wonders for the mind, body and soul. I can provide overnight childcare so that you can get some uninterrupted sleep. Wake up to a brand new day feeling refreshed and revitalised. I'll even treat you to breakfast in bed!


  • Travel childcare within the UK  and abroad - Travelling with children, especially newborns can be tricky. Take me along with you for peace of mind, knowing that you have extra support on hand will help you to feel more at ease. Enjoy your travels without the added stress.



  • Birth debrief
  • Postnatal care package delivered to you
  • Specialist signposting
  • 1hr per day virtual support via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime Monday-Sunday (4 weeks)
  • Unlimited communication via email and text (4 weeks)
  • Additional virtual support after 4 weeks £20 per hour



8 hours of loving care and support at the time when you need it most. Tailor the support you get from me just like in the postnatal PICK 'N' MIX package for your chosen day. 


Capturing special moments with your baby in the comfort of your own home. A relaxed 1 hour session with 5 of your favourite photos provided on a memory stick.


If you require a service that isn't listed please mention this in your initial contact or consultation. 

Pre-Pregnancy & Fertility Weight Loss

If you're considering becoming pregnant or you have a fertility appointment looming and haven't reached a healthy/required BMI, I can support you to reach your pre-pregnancy target safely and quickly. 

For more information please visit:

Neal's Yard

Whether you're looking for essential oils to use as part of your relaxation routine, pre-blended oils for self massage or tinctures to help tone and prepare your uterus ready for birthing your baby. I am your one stop shop.

To order, please visit:

Holistic Massage Therapy & Reflexology

If you'd like to add extra massage treatments to your package or you'd like to book treatments separately, get in touch via the contact page.

Treatments Include:

  • Pregnancy massage
  • Hot & Cold stone massage
  • Full body massage
  • Neck, back & shoulders
  • Abdomen massage
  • Leg & feet massage
  • Reflexology
  • Head Massage
  • Baby massage & Reflexology

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