Why I Became A Doula

"I became a Doula because I’m passionate about pregnant people, birthing individuals and their families receiving the support and care that they deserve. 

I’m passionate about breaking down barriers within the birthing world, bridging the gap between medical professionals and expectant parents. 

I’m passionate about speaking up and speaking out against discrimination and obstetric violence. People need to know that this isn’t ok! And we shouldn’t have to shut up and “deal with it” 

I’m passionate about pregnant people and birthing individuals feeling heard, valued and respected. 

I’m passionate about pregnant people and their partners feeling like they have the tools necessary to make informed decisions surrounding their care, wherever and however the choose to bring new life into the world. 

I’m passionate about advocating for those that feel like they don’t have a voice or don’t have options. 

I’m passionate about accessibility, if we don’t have it, we create it. We don’t settle!

I’m passionate about new parents and their families feeling cared for and nurtured post birth. 

I’m passionate about providing individuals with a safe space so that they can feel comfortable enough to speak and just be without fear of judgment. 

Whether you’re seeking help and support through your fertility journey, pregnancy journey, birth or the first days, weeks and months into your parental journey with your new babe(s), I want you to feel comfortable in your body, confident in your abilities and calm in your mind and surroundings. 

Whilst I may not be able to make things perfect I can offer my warmth, my care, my support and my encouragement so that you feel empowered to find your own way with confidence."💛


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